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Snowman Ornament

Trace one main pattern and two sets of the design details such as stars, scarf etc. for each ornament. Trace once set as drawn, and one set in reverse. To trace in reverse, have the designs photocopied and then trace to the wrong side of the photocopy, OR trace to the right side of a piece of paper and then trace again to the wrong side of the paper.

Cut applique film loosely around the pattern and design details in step one. Fuse the pattern to the wrong side of the main ornament fabric.

Cut a second piece of applique film that is slightly larger than the ornament. This second piece of applique film will remain unmarked, and you will leave the paper on the unmarked piece of applique film. Fuse this second piece of applique film (with no tracing) to the wrong side of the fabric that will be the back side of the ornament.

Take the cut ornament and fuse it to the paper side of the unmarked piece. Using cut piece as a guide, trim the second piece to match the cut ornament.

Fuse the traced details to the wrong side of selected fabrics. Cut out the design details, remove the paper backing, and fuse to the ornaments fronts and backs. Trim any fabrics that hang over the edges of the ornaments.

Glue on black glass seed beads for the eyes and mouth. Add cheeks with a red pencil (or blush on a q-tip). Glue three small star stoneware buttons if you wish not to make fabric stars!

1998,1999 ~ Nancy Alison ~