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Let It Snow



snowman1Snow makes whiteness where it falls.snowman2
The bushes look like popcorn-balls.
And places where I always play.
Look like somewhere else today.

~ Marie Lousie Allen ~

SNOW BALLS ~ Let's Have a Ball

You Need:
Assorted Styrofoam Balls
Instant Papier Mache Powdered Mix
White Paint
Prepare papier mache according to package directions.
Cover styrofoam balls with papier mache.
It doesn't have to be completely smooth ~
remember how real snowballs have bumps and ridges?
Follow drying instructions on package.
Paint snowballs with white paint.
Sprinkle on glitter while the paint is wet.
Dry on wax paper or foil. VOILA!
Snowballs make great additions to your snowmen displays.
Just sprinkle a little pile of artificial snow
or glitter and top with a snowball.


~ Have a white Christmas even without snow! ~

Apply white water-soluble paint with a damp
sponge to the bottom corners of windowpanes.
Try stenciling holiday shapes from pre-cut stencils
or make your own using cookie cutters and construction paper.
Paper doilies make wonderful intricate snowflake designs.


Make A Snowman Ornament

Build A Virtual Snowman



Snow Silence

The snow at night comes down so gently,
Silent as a bird in flight,
Quiet as a floating feather,
Whisper-soft and angel-white.
Floating down without a murmur,
Snowflakes, drifting from the sky,
Light upon the winter branches,
Silent as a butterfly.
On the ground it makes a carpet,
Hushing footsteps in the night,
Wraps the whole world in a blanket,
Silent, soft, and woolly white.

~Anne A. Farrell ~

Beautiful Snow Centerpiece

Fill a midnight blue bowl with assorted snowballs entwined with metallic star garlands, and add tiny white lights (battery operated work best). Add crystal vases filled with twig branches, painted white and sprinkled with glitter, on both sides. Hang tiny snowflakes or stars from branches. White votive candles on mirrored tiles are the final touch!


snowtreeSnowman Vignette

Make a snowman vignette. Take a small artifical tree (a twig or pine type) and decorate with a variety of snowmen ornaments, felt mittens and white crocheted snowflakes. Display on a table using quilt batting as your cloth. Dust with sparkles. Add various snow men (soft sculptured, wooden and ceramic ) around the tree. If you have a favorite snowman quilt or throw put it on the chair near the table.


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"Happy Christmas" John Lennon